Understanding the Distinctive Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are a common occurrence on roads and highways. Unfortunately, due to the lack of protection afforded by a motorcycle, riders are at a higher risk of suffering severe injuries or death in the event of an accident. But why do such accidents occur in the first place? In this blog, we will discuss the various causes of motorcycle accidents and who may be liable for a crash.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact a personal injury attorney to help ensure your rights and best interests are protected.

Reasons That Motorcycle Accidents Happen

The following are examples of why motorcycle accidents happen, including:

  • Excessive speed – Speeding is a common cause of motorcycle accidents. When a car is driven at a high rate of speed, it becomes more difficult for the driver to control the car and react to changes in traffic or road conditions. Speeding also reduces the time a driver has to respond to hazards on the road, including other vehicles, motorcyclists, pedestrians, and obstacles. When a car speeds, it becomes easy to overlook a motorcycle on the road, leading to accidents.

  • Distracted driving – This is another widespread cause of motorcycle accidents. It may include texting, talking on the phone, eating, or engaging in other activities that take the driver’s attention away from the road. When drivers are distracted, they are less likely to see a motorcycle on the road. As a result, deadly accidents can occur.

  • Left-turn accidents – Left-turn accidents occur when a car turns left in front of a motorcycle, often because the driver misjudges the speed of the motorcycle or fails to see it.

  • Lane change accidents – Drivers who change lanes without checking their blind spots or fail to signal before changing lanes can easy collide with a motorcycle.

  • Car door accidents – When a driver opens their car door without checking for oncoming traffic, a motorcycle rider can crash into it.

  • Drunk driving – Intoxicated drivers are a hazard to all motorists on the road, including motorcycle riders.

Contact a Schaumburg Motorcycle Accident Attorney

While no one thing can prevent motorcycle accidents entirely, knowing their common causes can help ensure that riders are aware of the common pitfalls that contribute to deadly motorcycle accidents. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, consider contacting the Cook County motorcycle accident lawyers with Vito & Dollenmaier Law. Call 224-539-8821 for a free consultation.