Personal Injury Lawyers Serving Wheeling

Our personal injury lawyers in Wheeling will use the law to protect your rights and seek maximum compensation for your injuries. Your case is unique and may involve: 

  • Negotiations with insurance companies 
  • Multiple at-fault parties 
  • Complex evaluation 

We’ll review the facts, hear your side of the story, and determine the best course of action for your case. 

When someone else’s actions are responsible for your injuries, you shouldn’t have to worry about paying medical bills, lost wages, loss of future income, personal property damage, or negotiating with insurers. 

Your first priority should be healing from your injuries. We’ll take care of the rest. 

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Accident Statistics 

Wheeling’s police department provides in-depth data on traffic crashes for 2023, showing: 

  • 3 fatal accidents (300% increase) 
  • 132 accidents causing personal injury (-4.3%) 
  • 753 accidents causing property damage (+4.4%) 
  • 889 total traffic accidents (+3.4%) 
  • 298 accidents involve failure to reduce speed 
  • 187 accidents involve failure to yield 
  • 110 accidents involve following too closely 
  • 80 accidents involve improper lane usage 

Local Emergency Services 


Wheeling Police Department 

1 Community Boulevard 

Wheeling, IL 60090 

(847) 459-2632 

Fire Departments 

Wheeling Fire Department 

499 S Milwaukee Avenue 

Wheeling, IL 60090 

(847) 459-2662 


Wheeling Fire Department 

499 S Milwaukee Avenue 

Wheeling, IL 60090 

(847) 459-2662 


Presence Health Care Medical Office Building 

201 E Strong St 

Wheeling, IL 60090 

(877) 737-4636 

Greater Family Health 

300 McHenry Rd 

Wheeling, IL 60090 

(844) 599-3700 

Urgent Cares 

Concentra Urgent Care 

544 W Dundee Rd A 

Wheeling, IL 60090 

(847) 419-6974 

Vitality Urgent Care 

56 W Dundee Rd 

Buffalo Grove, IL 60089 

(224) 601-5001 

Advocate Clinic at Walgreens 

10 N Milwaukee Ave 

Wheeling, IL 60090 

(800) 323-8622 

Car Accidents 

Car accidents range from minor fender benders or major accidents that cause significant damage and injuries. If you or a loved one were involved in an accident, our personal injury lawyers in Wheeling are prepared to help you negotiate with insurance companies and hold negligent parties responsible. 

Nearly 900 accidents occur in Wheeling each year, and whether you’re at the intersection of E. Palatine Road and N. Wheeling Road or near the Park District, traffic laws are meant to protect you. 

We handle all traffic accident cases, but some of the most common involve: 

Drunk Driving Victims 

DUI accident victims face the stark reality that while they may be driving sober and following traffic laws, others are not. Nearly 20% of all traffic deaths involve alcohol, and when the other driver is impaired, the accident may have been preventable. 

We’ll work diligently to protect your rights while seeking damages from: 

  • Insurance companies 
  • Drivers involved in the accident 

If insurance premium limits do not cover the extent of the damages, we’re ready to pursue a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver. 


Uber and Lyft are the two main companies involved in rideshare accidents, and while convenient to use, accidents involving them can be complex. We’ll help you navigate challenging claims that may involve: 

  • Rideshare insurance 
  • At-fault driver’s insurance 

We’ll work to determine liability for your damages, including pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills and more. 


Underinsured and uninsured motorists complicate accidents because victims are left without an insurance company to seek damages from. Your insurance policy has, by law, both underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage as part of your liability insurance. 

Minimum coverage for UM/UIM is $25,000 for bodily injury to a single person and $50,000 if multiple people are involved. 

Insurance companies often try to offer a low settlement and strongarm you into agreeing to less than you deserve. We’ll push back for maximum compensation in your case. 

Truck Accidents 

Truck accidents, including 18-wheelers and commercial vehicles, are often severe. You may be left with lifelong physical impairment or significant injuries. Insurance companies, employers and other parties may be held responsible for your injuries. 

We’re also seeing more cases of delivery vehicles involved in accidents. 


Amazon drivers are under constant pressure to meet deadlines. To meet those deadlines, drivers may violate traffic laws or drive recklessly. Aggressive and unsafe driving can lead to accidents and injuries. 

Our lawyers will get to the bottom of what happened, gather evidence to support your claim and pursue compensation tirelessly. 

Motorcycle Accidents 

Motorcycle accidents can cause serious injuries, including spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, broken bones and more. These life-changing injuries require long-term treatment and may even prevent you from going back to work. 

Our experienced lawyers will hear your side of the story, gather evidence and fight to get compensation for the losses you’ve suffered. 

Dog Bites & Attacks 

Even the calmest and friendliest dog can behave unexpectedly and attack if they feel threatened. Unfortunately, dog bites and attacks can cause long-term, serious injuries that require costly care and cause emotional trauma.  

Our lawyers have extensive experience handling dog bite cases and can help you seek compensation for your injuries. 

Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents 

Every year, pedestrians and cyclists in Wheeling are injured in accidents involving negligent motorists. Many suffer serious injuries. Some lose their lives.  

When accidents are caused by a driver who is distracted, intoxicated, driving recklessly or not obeying traffic laws, they can be held liable for injuries and damages. 

Our personal injury lawyers in Wheeling will gather evidence, determine liability and fight to help you secure the compensation you deserve. 

Premises Liability 

Property owners must take reasonable steps to make their property safe for visitors. Failing to perform necessary repairs or warn visitors of potential risks can lead to accidents and serious injuries. 

The experienced lawyers at Vito & Dollenmaier have extensive experience handling premises liability cases involving slip and fall injuries, inadequate security, elevator and escalator accidents, swimming pool accidents and more. 

Wrongful Death 

Reckless, negligent behavior can be deadly. If your loved one lost their life in an accident that was not their fault, you may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, funeral costs, loss of income and financial support, pain and suffering, and other damages.  

We’ll fight to get the compensation you deserve and help you navigate the claims process. 

How to Choose the Right Personal Injury Lawyer 

Personal injury claims are complicated. There’s a lot on the line for you – the injured victim – and insurance companies may try to take advantage of your inexperience. Working with the right personal injury lawyer is crucial. 

There are several things to consider when choosing a lawyer: 

  • Experience with personal injury law. A general practice lawyer may not have the level of knowledge and skill you need to succeed with your claim. Look for a lawyer who has handled personal injury claims and has a proven track record of success with these cases. 
  • Availability. Your lawyer should be responsive to your questions and address your concerns in a timely manner. If they’re too busy to give your case the attention it needs, they may miss deadlines or fail to gather evidence to support your claim. 
  • Communication skills. Your lawyer should be able to explain your rights and legal concepts in simple terms. They should also keep you updated on the progress of your case. Make sure you understand the lawyer’s communication policies before you hire them. 
  • Reputation and reviews. Your lawyer should have a positive reputation and a history of getting results for clients. Check client testimonials and reviews to gauge the lawyer’s professionalism and case management. 

How Vito & Dollenmaier Law Can Help with Your Case 

When someone else’s negligence leads to accidents and injuries, they should be held liable for damages. At Vito & Dollenmaier, we understand the stress, anxiety and confusion you’re experiencing. We’re here to help. 

Our lawyers have extensive experience handling personal injury cases. We’ll fight tirelessly to help you get the justice and compensation you deserve. 

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