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Skilled Attorney Defending Speeding Car Accident Victims in Illinois

Speeding accidents make up a substantial portion of car accidents and their associated injuries. These accidents happen when drivers exceed the speed limit set by traffic laws, compromising the driver’s ability to maintain control of their vehicle and increasing the likelihood of collisions. The repercussions of speeding accidents can be severe, including devastating injuries and even loss of life. Under Illinois personal injury law, those affected by injuries resulting from another driver’s speeding often have the right to seek compensation for their injuries, damages, and losses.

At Vito & Dollenmaier Law, we understand that legal representation is essential in navigating the complexities of these cases. As seasoned personal injury lawyers, we are experienced in gathering evidence and advocating for our clients’ rights. We are determined to do whatever it takes to secure the maximum possible compensation for each and every client.

Proving Liability in Speeding Accidents

When you get into your car and drive on public roads, you may not have realized it, but you have a legal responsibility to provide the drivers around you with something known as a “duty of care.” This means you are expected under the law to follow the rules of the road and to act reasonably while you are driving. Failing to do so is called negligence, and proving negligence is a crucial element in speeding accident lawsuits.

When it comes to personal injury law, one of the primary concerns is determining who is at fault for the collision. But how can you prove the driver who caused the accident was in fact negligent – that he or she was speeding, and that the speeding caused the accident? Evidence in a strong case may include many things.

Eyewitness testimonies from individuals who witnessed the accident and can provide an accurate account of what happened can help to establish that the speeding driver was at fault. This may include pedestrians, drivers of other cars, or other occupants of either party’s vehicle.

Professional accident scene reconstructionists can use skid marks, vehicle damage, shoulder damage, and other signs to determine the point of impact, the general speed and direction each vehicle was going, and more. Data may also be harvested from each vehicle’s computer system.

Footage from traffic cameras, dashcams, and cellphones may also be used to show the crash as it happened, as well as its aftermath.

Speeding Accidents Often Result in Devastating Injuries

Accidents caused by speeding vehicles cause serious injuries and contribute to far too many vehicular fatalities. Injuries from speeding accidents may include

  • Traumatic brain injuries and long-term brain damage
  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis
  • Amputated limbs
  • Broken bones
  • Internal bleeding
  • Permanent scarring
  • Wrongful death

While a personal injury lawsuit cannot undo injuries or bring back loved ones from the grave, it can secure necessary compensation to help victims pay for their losses and provide for their families moving forward.

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Of course, no one wishes to be injured in an accident. However, in the event it happens to you, it is important to take action as soon as possible. A personal injury attorney can be hugely beneficial as you look to obtain compensation for your injuries and move forward after the crash.

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