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When people think of rear-end collisions, they usually think of minor fender-benders instead of serious, life-altering accidents. However, rear-end car accidents are often dangerous crashes that, in addition to being very expensive to repair, cause major injuries and emotional trauma that can negatively impact people’s lives forever. The very nature of being in a rear-end car accident is that the people in the car hit from behind do not see the accident coming; these unexpected events can have far-reaching consequences, leaving sufferers physically, emotionally, and financially burdened.

There are many complications to unpack when it comes to handling the consequences of rear-end accidents. From understanding how negligence plays a crucial role in determining fault to being on your guard against predatory insurance company tactics, responding appropriately if you are ever in a rear-end collision is crucial to ensuring the best possible outcome. This can be difficult and time-consuming, but you do not have to do the work of managing this period by yourself. By hiring an Illinois attorney with experience handling personal injury cases, you can protect your rights and make informed decisions knowing the law is on your side.

At Vito & Dollenmaier Law, we have years of experience seeking justice in even the most severe rear-end accidents and we are prepared to start working quickly on your case, allowing you to obtain the best possible outcome while having time to rest and recover.

Rear-End Collisions Cause Unique Injuries

Rear-end collisions can lead to a range of injuries. Some of these are immediately apparent, while others take hours, days, or even weeks after an accident to reveal the extent of their severity. This delayed onset of symptoms can make diagnosing and treating these injuries a challenge.

Whiplash is very common in rear-end accidents and occurs when a force from behind suddenly and violently jerks a person’s head and neck forward and then back again. These motions can cause significant strain on neck muscles and ligaments. The adrenaline rush that follows a car crash can mask the pain of a whiplash injury and it may not become obvious until some time has passed. When symptoms do manifest, they may be in the form of neck pain, stiffness, headaches, and difficulty moving.

Another injury that may take time to show symptoms is a concussion. In a rear-end collision, the sudden forward movement can cause the brain to hit the front of the skull, causing mild to severe brain injury. Concussions can have many different symptoms, including:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Confusion
  • Blurry vision
  • Light or noise sensitivity
  • Brain fog
  • Nausea and vomiting

Internal injuries are yet another major concern in rear-end accidents. The force of the impact can cause internal organs to become punctured or bruised, resulting in internal bleeding and life-threatening organ damage. Internal injuries can be difficult to detect from the outside; people often stand up and exit their vehicle after an accident without realizing that their torso has suffered serious trauma.

Although some symptoms take time to appear, getting prompt medical attention after every car crash is important. This is true even if you do not feel immediate pain or discomfort. Left undetected and untreated, physical trauma after a rear-end collision can lead to irreparable harm and even death. Medical professionals recommend getting medical attention within 24 hours of an accident, regardless of its severity. Prompt diagnosis and treatment increase the chances of a full recovery and minimize the risk of delayed complications, while providing comprehensive documentation of any injuries and their treatment.

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