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Lawyers for Texting and Driving Accident Victims in Illinois

Distracted driving accidents have been an increasingly common source of personal injury claims in recent years. Despite how common these accidents are, many drivers continue to operate their vehicles recklessly; everyone knows what it is like to drive down the road and see other drivers texting or speaking on the phone. Even a moment of carelessness can lead to life-changing consequences, and the worst part is that these accidents are entirely preventable.

At Vito & Dollenmaier Law, we understand how serious these accidents can be and how important it is that victims receive compensation for their injuries and suffering. No matter what kind of distraction caused an accident, our mission is to collect evidence proving the other driver’s fault and obtain the maximum possible award for our clients. By doing so, we hope not only to provide justice for our clients but to make Illinois roads a safer place for everyone.

Distracted Driving Takes Many Different Forms

Distracted driving can take many forms, all of which threaten the safety of the distracted driver and everyone else on the road around them. While technology, particularly cell phones, may be the most prominent contributor, it is essential to recognize that distractions can arise from numerous sources, impairing a driver’s ability to focus on the road and increasing the likelihood of an accident.

The most prevalent form of distracted driving is visual distraction. This occurs when a driver’s eyes are diverted away from the road, even for a brief moment. Visual distractions can result from glancing at a car or phone’s navigation system, reading a text message, or taking in the scenery.

Manual distractions are also very common and involve taking one or both hands off the steering wheel, such as when someone is adjusting the car radio, eating, or applying makeup. These actions limit a driver’s ability to react or maneuver quickly, significantly increasing the risk of a collision.

Another form of distraction that affects drivers is cognitive. This occurs when a driver’s mind wanders away from the task of driving. Daydreaming, driving while drowsy, talking with passengers, or being preoccupied with personal matters can all divert cognitive attention from the road. This can impair reaction times and judgment, impairing a driver’s ability to detect and respond to potential hazards.

Technological distractions are perhaps the most prominent culprits in today’s digital age and often combine all of the above forms of distraction. Cell phone use, such as texting, talking, or browsing social media, is a particularly concerning source of distraction because it can take a driver’s eyes, hands, and attention away from the road, greatly increasing the risk of a serious accident.

Last but not least, passengers in the vehicle can also contribute to distracted driving. Parents of young children often find themselves driving while giving things to a child or turning around to check if a child is okay. Pets in a vehicle can also be a major source of distraction, especially when they are sitting in the front passenger seat or in the driver’s lap.

No matter the cause, driving distracted makes it difficult to focus on essential cues like traffic signs, objects in the road, or sudden changes in the environment. And when drivers are not acutely aware of what is around them, devastating accidents can result.

How Do Attorneys Prove a Driver Was Distracted?

As personal injury lawyers strive to advocate for their clients in distracted driving cases, they face the arduous task of proving negligence on the part of the distracted driver. To have a chance at obtaining a favorable case outcome, lawyers must gather sufficient evidence to demonstrate that the other driver’s behavior caused the accident and any resulting injuries.

This may involve obtaining phone records, witness testimonies, or surveillance footage. Additionally, lawyers may need to prove that the injured party suffered damages from the accident. By addressing the alarming rise of distracted driving accidents, personal injury lawyers play a vital role in seeking justice for injured individuals while also raising awareness of the importance of responsible behavior on the road.

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Just because distracted driving has become commonplace does not mean it is okay. If you have been injured in an accident caused because someone was driving while distracted, quickly finding legal counsel can help you receive any compensation to which you may be entitled.

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